America's Rain Forests

A Distance Learning Adventure

Prince William Network, National Forest Foundation and USDA Forest Service

National Standards

"America's Rain Forests: A Distance Learning Adventure" was designed with reference to the National Science Education Standards. This program will help you meet your classroom goals and objectives. Please see the lessons plans, which include the National Science Education Standards, in the FOR TEACHERS section of this web site.

(For the Next Generation Science Standards, go to http://www.nextgenscience.org/next-generation-science-standards.)

The following National Science Education Standards are addressed in the lesson plans:

Unifying Concepts and Processes

  • Constancy, change, and measurement

Content Standard A: Science as Inquiry

  • Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
  • Understandings about scientific inquiry

Content Standard B: Physical Science

  • Properties and changes of properties in matter
  • Transfer of energy

Content Standard C: Life Science

  • Structure and function in living systems
  • Reproduction and heredity
  • Regulation and behavior
  • Populations and ecosystems
  • Diversity and adaptations of organisms

Content Standard E: Science and Technology

  • Understandings about science and technology

Content Standard F: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

  • Population, resources, and environments
  • Natural hazards
  • Risks and benefits
  • Science and technology in society

Content Standard G: History and Nature of Sciences

  • Nature of science

For a chart of all of the National Science Education Standards and how they are correlated to the lesson plans, CLICK HERE.


Prince William Network USDA Forest Service Caribbean, Tongass,
Chugach, and Olympic National Forests Pacific Northwest Research Station
International Institute of Tropical Forestry National Forest Foundation
Alaska Department of Fish and Game Alaska Department of Natural Resources
The Nature Conservancy Alaska Natural History Association
Southeast Island School District