America's Rain Forests

A Distance Learning Adventure

Prince William Network, National Forest Foundation and USDA Forest Service

Program Description

Rain forests provide a haven for the largest diversity of plants and animals on Earth. Watch the ELECTRONIC FIELD TRIP, "America's Rain Forests" broadcast LIVE on location from rain forests in Puerto Rico and Alaska. Join experts on location in Puerto Rico and Alaska to:

  • Understand the basic ecology and functioning of both tropical and temperate rain forests
  • Recognize the value of rain forests and the challenges these ecosystems face due to human impacts
  • Be motivated to explore, study, and understand the ecosystems where you live
  • Understand that National Forests are public lands, managed for all, with unique challenges

Explore this WEB SITE for lesson plans and resources for your classroom. Your class will enjoy the CONVERSATION between the boreal toad in Alaska and the coqui frog in Puerto Rico.


Prince William Network USDA Forest Service Caribbean, Tongass,
Chugach, and Olympic National Forests Pacific Northwest Research Station
International Institute of Tropical Forestry National Forest Foundation
Alaska Department of Fish and Game Alaska Department of Natural Resources
The Nature Conservancy Alaska Natural History Association
Southeast Island School District