America's Rain Forests

A Distance Learning Adventure

Prince William Network, National Forest Foundation and USDA Forest Service

Value & Challenges

These lesson plans will help students recognize the value of rain forests and all forests, as well as the challenges they face due to human impacts.

I Depend on You. You Depend on Me.
Forests are made up of thousands of organisms and non-living elements that are crucial in maintaining the integrity of a forest. At present, fragmentation is one of the biggest problems facing our forests. In this activity, students will represent some of the forest's elements. Through telling a story, students will perceive how fragmentation affects the quality of live of all living things. CLICK HERE.

Making Paper
Students investigate the concept of the value of forests by brainstorming why trees are important to us and by making paper. CLICK HERE.

Tree of Life
Through a cooperative game, students will locate on a world map some countries that are known for their forest resources. They will also learn some characteristics of human groups who live and depend solely on tropical forests. CLICK HERE.

Tropical Treehouse
Studying the tropical rain forests and issues involving the use of rain forests will enable your students to make more informed decisions regarding the future of such regions. While tropical rain forests and the temperate forests of North America operate on many of the same ecological principles, they differ greatly in their climates and in the types of soil, plants, and animals that make up the forest ecosystems. CLICK HERE.

What If We Run Out?
In this activity, students will play an active, outside game that will help them understand the consequences of shrinking and fragmented habitat and human impacts on wildlife populations. CLICK HERE.


Prince William Network USDA Forest Service Caribbean, Tongass,
Chugach, and Olympic National Forests Pacific Northwest Research Station
International Institute of Tropical Forestry National Forest Foundation
Alaska Department of Fish and Game Alaska Department of Natural Resources
The Nature Conservancy Alaska Natural History Association
Southeast Island School District